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VTEQ 3000 Cars Inspection Lane 4Tm

We have added to our standard Cars brake tester BRAK 3000, an EUSAMA Suspension Tester EUSA 3000, and Side Slip Tester SLIP 3000 to complete this combo test lane, including as standard: 4WD kit by reversing rollers direction, remote control, motors soft starters, rollers covers and bidirectional kit, always with many other advantages taking profit from the VTEQ ethernet electronics and software. With 700 mm rollers length, in the brake tester you can carry on tests to vehicles with track width up to 2200mm and 4000kg maximum axle load. The inclusion of suspensions tester allows measurement of wheel weight for later use in the calculation of brakes efficiencies.

The VTEQ modular solution allows also adding, modifying or removing parts of the inspection lane, while maintaining the existing parts.

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