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MAD EasyLoad Loading System for Light Commercial Vehicles

Simple and reliable installation!

The EasyLoad onboard loading system consists of a high quality, compact winch unit with extendable boom. The stable lightweight construction guarantees absolute reliability and is maintenance-free.

The installation couldn’t be easier. The EasyLoad is mounted on a lightweight, self-supporting frame which is positioned by an attachment to the existing points in the vehicle loading area. Only two cables have to be connected for the power supply from the vehicle – expensive modifications are unnecessary.When vehicles are exchanged, the EasyLoad can easily be uninstalled and installed again – thus avoiding wasted capital!

Custom-made frames are also available for all popular light commercial vehicles.

Installation Diagram

MAD EasyLoad Specs.png

Technical data

Maximum lifting capacity : 250 kg and 500kg

Length when contracted in : 227,5 cm

Maximum load height : 300 cm (minus the height of the interior space)

Dead weight : 110 Kg (including winch, but excluding Installation frame)

Winch specification : 12V 100A

Winch operation : electric via push button on hand-held unit

Slide system : electric via push button on hand-held unit

Lifting speed : 10 cm per second

Cable thickness : Ø 5mm

Average installation time : 3 hours

Safety : CE ,NEN-EN-14492-2

MAD EasyLoad Brochure.png


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