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The latest generation of VTEQ SPK mobile units, also for heavy duty vehicles and light duty vehicles, have been designed to provide a complete vehicle road worthiness test system including all devices and safety systems required in this type of equipment. This new generation of mobile unit has been integrated into a standard 6 wheels truck (eg: Colt Diesel FE84 HDL), including hydraulic lifting posts, automatic ramps and lifting roof allowing the unit to be easily and effortlessly loaded and unloaded onto a flatbed truck for transporting the units. It have been considered all sorts of options for maximum comfort in the special use required, including office area, air conditioning, protective awnings and handrails.

The VTEQ SPK mobile unit is a fully autonomous equipment and includes everything needed to carry on inspections to vehicles up to 6 tons per axle. As key features we can name:

- A powerful Diesel Generator, System to turn the unit once unloaded.

- Equipment: 6Tm Roler Brake Tester, Side Slip Tester, Axle Play Detector, Headlight Tester, Gas Analyzer and Smoke Meter.

- Lifting roof, Protection Awnings, 4 auto-compensated cylinders to load/unload the unit, automatic ramps and platforms. 

- Office area with Air Conditioning.

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